433Mhz Wireless Siren Alarm Sensor for WiFi GSM Alarm System Strobe Siren

Item número.: JH006
1.work as a standalone alarm host or wireless siren.
2.20 wireless defense zones.
3.At most 5 wireless remote controllers.
4.Alarm with both voice prompts and quick flash strobe.
5.Wireless learning code: adding new accessories, convenient, safe and
GSM Alarm System Strobe Siren
Alarm sound:100dB 
Battery standby time 6-8 hours.
The wireless alarm siren can work as a standalone alarm host or wireless siren which code with Daytech wifi GSM Alarm host, TA01,TA02,TA03. It can match multiple wireless detectors and be controlled by remote controller, make
 local alarm by sound and light when detectors triggered.